The company

The company Nobless Line® operates a daily connection between Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, St. Gallen, Zürich and Bern, capital of the Switzerland. The route is served by the very latest double-decker Setra coaches, which have no competition in Europe in terms of their fittings, luxury and comfort. Their specially designed and produced, extraordinarily comfortable and adjustable leather seats (all the coaches have identical furnishings) provide enough space even for passengers of above-average height. The Art Nouveau restaurants, staffed by crew members and offering an interesting range of dishes, located on the lower floor of our coaches are designed, first and foremost, for clients seeking peace and quiet and remarkable experiences in coach travel.

All these coaches are equipped with advanced technology for a stable and fast Internet connection (WI-FI) and a number of individual TV sets fitted above the seats, giving those who do not want to sleep the chance of doing some work or enjoying some pleasant entertainment.

Setra coaches, made to order in Ulm in Germany, are checked after every journey at the brand service centre R.A.Z. busservis. Use of the very latest diagnostics guarantees that any faults are detected at the very beginning, meaning that our coaches are maintained in perfect technical condition over the long term.

Although the company Nobless Line® owns and operates the most expensive and most luxurious coaches of a European standard, the company considers its “family silver” to be all its RESTAURANT COACH crews, who continually care for the safety, comfort and satisfaction of their passengers. They certainly deserve our appreciation for all their hard work.