Tickets can be booked 31 days before the given bus departure, when the reservation system is opened. Therefore, if you want to travel on 15 August, you can make your reservation from 15 July.
The tickets are paid for when getting on the bus. If you make a reservation, we will prepare a bus ticket for you and you will pay for it on the day of departure. Payments are accepted in cash only but you can choose a preferred currency (CZK, CHF, EUR).
You can choose your seat in the reservation system, if you book your seat in a different way then on the website (by phone, e-mail, via Facebook), just write your preferred seat and if it is free, we will be happy to book it for you.
Seats in the restaurant cannot be booked. These 14 seats are for passengers travelling in the upper Nobless Class zone. Passengers can get refreshments here during the journey, until midnight. Then the restaurant is closed.
The maximum number of reservations on one name is 5; for bigger groups, please contact us by e-mail at rezervace@noblessline.cz.
The reservation is always free, the whole system is based on trust and decent behaviour of both the passengers and the carrier. Same as the passenger can rely on their seat being ready on the bus and the bus going, we rely on the passenger to be there for departure and use their seat. Of course, we understand there might by some special circumstances (delay of another connection, sudden illness, etc.). In such cases we expect the passenger to be polite and inform us in order for us to cancel the reservation. We will not be waiting for you at departure, which may result in a delay, so we can offer the seat to those who really want it.
It is important for us to be helpful, and so the passengers can change their reservations in several ways. By phone, 24/7 at +420 602 333 369, by e-mail at rezervace@noblessline.cz or via Facebook.
We would like to accommodate our passengers, so we also allow payment in a different currency than the currency stated on the ticket. However, we only accept CZK, CHF and EUR.
The restaurant inside the bus is just an addition to travelling, not a night bar. For this reason, it is open only until 11:59 p.m., afterwards it is closed. However, the last orders are accepted at 11:30 p.m. After midnight the bus is quiet.
We will prepare gift vouchers or certificates for you, including dedication. Sending them to an address that you require can also be arranged. If you are interested, please contact us at: zelenka@noblessline.cz.