Timetables and prices

Prague/Pilsen >Munich

Departure pointWednesday, thursday, fridaySundayAdultSeniors over 65 years oldKids under 12 years old
Prague, UAN Florenc, platform n. 3-8:00---
Prague, Hlavni nadrazi, platform n. 210:10----
Pilsen, CAN, platform n. 111:409:30---
Munich, ZOB, platform n.415:0513:00700 CZK560 CZK420 CZK

Munich > Pilsen/Prague 

Departure pointMondayWednesday, thursday, fridayAdultSeniors over 65 years oldKids under 12 years old
Munich, ZOB14:0016:10---
Pilsen, CAN, platform n. 117:3019:4029 EUR24 EUR19 EUR
Prague, Hlavni nadrazi, platform n.119:0021:0529 EUR24 EUR19 EUR

Prague/Pilsen >Munich > Bregenz > St. Gallen > Zurich > Lucerne > Bern

Departure pointEvery daySundayAdultSeniors over 65 years oldKids under 12 years old
Prague, UAN Florenc, platform n. 321:008:00---
Pilsen, CAN, platform n. 122:209:30---
Munich, ZOB, platform n.4-13:00700 CZK540 CZK420 CZK
Bregenz, Hauptbahnhof4:1015:451350 CZK1100 CZK800 CZK
St. Gallen, Lagerstrasse 64:4016:301500 CZK1200 CZK900 CZK
Zurich, Carparkplatz am Sihlquai5:4017:501500 CZK1200 CZK900 CZK
Luzern, Inselipark-19:001900 CZK1600 CZK1300 CZK
Bern, Car-Terminal Neufeld7:1520:001900 CZK1600 CZK1300 CZK


Bern > Lucerne > Zurich > St. Gallen > Bregenz > Munich > Pilsen/Prague 

Departure pointEvery dayMondayAdultKids under 12 years oldSeniors over 65 years old
Bern, Car-Terminal Neufeld18:007:0088 CHF59 CHF74 CHF
Luzern, Inselipark-8:2088 CHF59 CHF74 CHF
Zurich, Carparkplatz am Silhquai20:009:2069 CHF42 CHF56 CHF
St. Gallen, Lagerstrasse 621:0010:3069 CHF42 CHF56 CHF
Bregenz, Bahnhof21:4011:3054 EUR32 EUR44 EUR
Munich, ZOB-14:0036 EUR22 EUR29 EUR
Pilsen, CAN, platform. 13:4517:30---
Prague, Hlavni nadrazi / Florenc, metro4:45/5:0019:00---


Internal domestic transport is not permitted.
The transportation of children’s prams and pushchairs (with the exception of collapsible push-chairs), live animals and postal consignments is not permitted.
CUSTOMS border crossing with customs and passport control – the boarding and alighting of passengers is not permitted.
Should a passenger violate customs or currency regulations and be detained by the pertinent bodies, he or she will give up his or her right to transportation to his or her destination without compensation.
The carrier reserves the right to refuse to transport persons in an inebriated or drunken condition. Such persons will give up their right to transportation to their destination without compensation.
The carrier is entitled to change the operation of connections on state holidays.
The carrier reserves the right to change the type of coach used.
Smoking, the use of narcotic and psychotropic substances, and the consumption of passengers’ own alcoholic drinks are prohibited in the coach.