Tips for Bern


Kleine Schanze

Even though its area is only 52km2, it offers a varied programme for visitors in many fields. It is suitable not only for sports fans, but also for those who enjoy historical monuments, animals and relaxation. Bern has many beautiful parks, gardens and the crystal clear Aaru River that rounds the historical city and in summer months it is very popular as a water attraction. There are also numerous parks in Bern. The gorgeous Kleine Schanze park is located next to the Bern University and within walking distance from the main train station. If you are searching for a good place to look over the Aaru River and the Bern Alps, the park is the right choice. Moreover, it is a great place to relax have an afternoon picnic with your friends or just read a book. However, if you prefer restaurants, you can visit a nearby milk bar or the Park-Café restaurant with a large garden for guests. Apart from well-kept grass areas, the park also has a gazebo, fountains and a number of statues.

Historical Town

Just like other European capitals, Bern also has its historical part. You can walk through it in a few minutes, but you can also stay here for two hours. The undisputed dominant of this part is the Zytglogge clock tower, showing figures accompanied by typical Swiss songs every hour. The old town makes you feel like the time has stopped, yet there are a lot of small cafes, restaurants and shops in the archways, where you can buy various Swiss themed souvenirs. The St Vincent Cathedral is definitely worth visiting. In good weather, you can see all the way to the tops of the Alps. It is also a good idea to visit the Parliament building with its adjacent walls and numerous museums. There are plenty places to visit and it depends on your personal preference, which ones you choose.

Rose Garden

If you cross the bridge over the Aaru River from the old part of the town, we definitely recommend you also visit the Rose Garden above the city. The beautifully arranged flowerbeds with many kinds and colours of roses are accompanied by the view of the sunset late in the afternoon as well as of the historical part of the city.


No visitor to Bern should leave without visiting the park with bears. It is located immediately next to the old town and the living conditions of bears are truly great here. Bear is the main symbol of the Swiss metropolis and its picture is also incorporated in the city emblem.

Bern Zoo

However, if you are looking for a standard zoo, you will have to take a longer walk or bus No. 19 to the station Bern, Tierpark in the southern part of the city. Bern zoo is another oasis of peace with a friendly atmosphere. Apart from the animals that are almost within your reach, there is also a restaurant with a lovely view here.